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Enriching STUDENT Experiences

The Product

Campus Dynamix, is the world’s best and most reliable SLCM solution that impacts students positively. Adapted using the powerful capabilities of Microsoft D365 it not only brings best in class features but also its mobile and web-based experience further enhances its usability by making it agile and easily accessible from anywhere, and on devices such as smartphone and tablets.

Enriching Student Experiences

Campus Dynamix-SLCM for Universities is a fully integrated, web-based, student lifecycle management solution for institutes of higher education.

The comprehensive solution streamlines student data, and digital processes of Admission, Student and Parent Relationship, Academics (Examination, Evaluation and Results publishing), Student Finance & Accounting, Hostel, Food and Library,  thus allowing administrators and faculty to focus on imparting quality education, improving campus life, and overall experience that leads to better ranking and satisfaction.


Online Registration

No more long queues and waiting time for parents and students. Campus Dynamix-SLCM enabled Institutes enjoy hassle free Online Registration and Admission Process. Aspiring students groove into their career trajectory with quick admission process into their desired course in their chosen University.

Online Verification of Documents

SLCM System is designed in a manner that any kind of document can be uploaded in the system and can be stored in the server. The approver/CoE can review the documents online (open and download both facilities are there) and provide decision as Approved/Rejected/Provisional Admitted in a single click with appropriate comment.

Understanding Scholarships and Discounts

Scholarships/Discounts are predefined and maintained as master data Institute wise which is fetched through program logic and displayed through Portal interface. From the portal, parents and candidates can easily check and compare the Scholarships and Discounts available and apply for them accordingly uploading the required documents.

Easing the Admission Process

Using SLCM system , Admission Team can easily finalise different kind of admissions like Regular (1st year) , Credit Transfer (In between college/university), Lateral (In between session) accurately and candidates are aligned to appropriate drive and session of academic year. All of the mentioned admission processes can be done from a single portal page , only the admission officer needs to select the appropriate option. Reduce effort, time and cost involved against manpower and improve the cycle -time required for admission process!

Student Finance

Demand Generation

SLCM enables smooth Demand generation as the main configuration of fee structure is maintained at table label data and demand can be generated per student/by institute/per academic year. It can be generated for one semester or multiple semesters. Demand can be generated instantly or upfront to ensure income booking. This batch process has not only helped reduce time but has also given flexibility to finance team. Infact, the accurate data is the ultimate requirement of the Finance Team and the Students.

Processing Fee Payment by Installments

System is designed to allow candidates to pay their fees by Installments making it very easy for parents to understand the next fee installment and the due date.

Campus Dynamix ensures integration between Admission and Student Finance

It gives a single view for both Admission and Finance team ensuring easy report generation. No manual communication or confirmation needed between Admission and Finance departments. Online or Offline, all payments are recorded with accuracy!

Configuring Fee Structure and Due Dates

An important configurable solution where Due Date for Demand Generation in different semesters are maintained at school/college level. With Campus Dynamix SLCM, Finance team can easily configure the due dates at the beginning of financial year. Even the Late fee is calculated based upon this Due Date setup.


Prepare Time Tables with ease and flexibility

Now Time Tables can be prepared very easily using Campus Dynamix SLCM. Create a weekly template and apply it to the entire duration of a semester. The system checks conflicts for faculty, class/lab rooms etc. Time Table can be made at course-semester-subject level. Faculty can cancel/modify/create new classes and merge classes.

Mark Attendance

Attendance can be marked very easily through portal daily/weekly manner irrespective of location. With the introduction of the the Geo Location based attendance marking in the SLCM mobile app- mCampus 365, attendance will be marked automatically as soon as the student enters the classroom.

Evaluating Internal Assessments

With rule-based Internal Assessment, SLCM has introduced an end -to- end process which can produce accurate aggregated Marks and publish it without any manual intervention. Graduation and Result Processing are completely rule based and can be done for a single student or for any particular department in a bulk/batch manner. This would ensure no mistake in data and save efforts and time.

Smooth Promotion Process and Data Migration

Promotion- Process is rule based and rule is defined in the system. This not only saves time but also ensures no data manipulation/mistake occurs.

Features of Campus Dynamix - SCLM Universities

Real-time access to critical campus and student data for quick decision making​

Seamless integration of all aspects of student lifecycle that cut across and integrates physical campus and online education management
Quick-to-launch and customized to campus requirements
Flexible to changing regulations

Alerts for critical issues that need immediate attention​

Easy to adopt

A Global Brand Name in Higher Education based in Academic City, Dubai is successfully running on Campus Dynamix-SLCM

UNIKUL successfully replaced the previous student lifecycle management system (SAP) with Campus Dynamix for its sheer usability, ease of adoption, and flexibility to manage multiple regulations. Today the University runs all its admission, student finance, examinations and evaluation process using the Campus Dynamix SLCM system.

Some aspects of the Campus Dynamix- SLCM solution that make it stand taller than its peers are

  • Seamless integration of all aspects of student lifecycle that cut across and integrates physical campus and online education management
  • Real-time access to critical campus and student data for quick decision making
  • Alerts for critical issues that need immediate attention
  • Quick-to-launch and customized to campus requirements
  • Easy to adopt
  • Flexible to changing regulations

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