A Global University based in Academic City, Dubai, Adopted Campus Dynamix for University across its 6 Campuses across the Globe in just 4 days!

Our client, a global name in higher education with presence in educational hubs across the world, wanted to replace their existing student lifecycle management system. The SAP software though replete with features was low on usability and could not be customized for the evolving needs of the International University. Replacing it was the only way forward for the University with six international campuses and looks forward to providing world-class campus experience to its students.

The Capabilities

The Campus Dynamix for University is one-stop solution for all student lifecycle management needs for a campus that looks forward to providing great campus experience to its students.

Our client was happy to replace its existing SLCM with Campus Dynamix-SLCM that had numerous capabilities and was going to pay for itself over a period of time. In short, it had a high ROI and had all the capabilities that served their needs perfectly.

Unikul’s Campus Dynamix SLCM can serve all aspects of a student lifecycle such as

admission managament


The software seamlessly manages all steps from registration to final admission. Milestones such as document submission, and verification are taken care of through the software and no in-person intervention is needed.


All segments of financial management such as fee collection through online mode and post-dated cheques, invoice (fee demand) generation, instalment-based fee collection, scholarship disbursement, besides a whole lot of other features can be managed through Campus Dynamix.


Administrative Management of Hostel

All aspects of hostel management such as room allotment, room vacancy and occupancy updates can be managed through the Campus Dynamix software. It comes with a separate module for payment collection for all non-academic facilities like hostel, Visa, transportation to integrate it into the mainstream accounting.



The software is capable of handling all academic and examination related facets like timetable management, exam schedule preparation, seating arrangement for exams, lesson plan, and many other aspects that are generally neglected in similar software.

The Way Forward

The Global University is happy to have adopted Campus Dynamix which resolved the problems it was facing with the SAP-based system. The system took less than 4 days to integrate with all its existing software and was up for usage in no time across all campuses.

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