Our Offer

Our Offer

Campus Dynamix SLCM is a completely integrated campus management solution covering the entire gamut of activities performed by a Higher Education institute/University.

It maps the complete student lifecycle of an educational institution by utilizing the technologies of Microsoft Dynamics D365BC, web portal, mobile and cloud leading to standardized and seamless processes.

From Admissions to Results Publishing and Alumni Management, all components of every academic cycle can be managed with accuracy, efficiency and completed in a timely fashion.

Our vertically integrated B2B Solutions integrates and optimizes the student lifecycle processes.

Our Domain Areas in SLCM


Campus Dynamix Student Lifecycle Management empowers the Admission Team to smoothly handle the peak admission season with ease. Students and parents can avoid long queues at the Admission desk with Online Registration and select the college and course of their choice easily.
Pre-define scholarships and discounts​
Verify documents real quick
Approve Admissions online
Generate fee advice at a click
Automate student number generation


Campus Dynamix SLCM helps in planning the Academic Cycle. Configure the Master Data and generate a smooth Academic Calendar easing out all the processes of Academic Operations.

Configure academic calendar
Create dynamic time table and schedule and reschedule classes
Mark attendance and generate notifications for pending attendance
Ensure internal assessments are conducted with ease and efficiency


Extensive configurability of Campus Dynamix-SLCM gives flexibility in running academic operations, designing assessments, executing evaluations and publishing results. It also provides seamless integration possibilities with external systems – bio-metric attendance recording, digital examination systems.
Schedule exam and allocate resources
Define and Apply Eligibility criterion
Consolidate Assessments
Calculate GPA, CGPA and publish results

Student Finance and Fee Management

Campus Dynamix SLCM enables Finance Team to provide the appropriate fee structure to parents and students. It provides a 360-degree view of student’s financial transactions with the institute, helping the students/parents initiate actions just in time with a seamless integration to banks/payment gateways
Configure Fee structure and Due dates
Generate Demand
Define and manage payment windows
Fee Refund and Withdrawal
Check for PDC facility

Hostel Management

Campus Dynamix SLCM manages Hostel resource allocation and integrates payment seamlessly.
Generate Demand
Real Time Inventory Analysis and Planning
Pre-define scholarships and discounts​
Resource/Room Allocation
Online Approval Workflow
Online and Offline Payment


Generate reports at your fingertips. SLCM’s analytics and reporting tools provide comprehensive visibility to both students and their parents – keeping pace with academic schedules, performance in periodic assessments with an early alert to potential roadblocks while the administrators keep a close eye on the overall functionality of the institution
Admission Report and Fee Advice
Consolidated Reports of all Payables and Payments
Attendance and Attendance Marking Report
Faculty Feedback Report


Campus Dynamix-SLCM provides a comprehensive management solution for placement. It automates the entire process of student placement and provides scope for placement feedback.
Student Registration for Placement
Company Database and Recruiter Activity
Job posting, Job process and Job offer
Announcement and Notification
Placement Feedback by organizations and students
Real Time Analytics and Statistics

Alumni Management

While all teachers have many memories of their intelligent and naughty students, it is imperative for all educational institutes to stay connected with their alumni and know what they are doing once passed from their organization. Campus Dynamix- SLCM manages Alumni data and enables the relationship between students and their alma mater go beyond the campus
Manage mailing list
Manage job opportunities
Pre-define scholarships and discounts​
Maintain Alumni portal
Arrange Online Forum for students
Manage social media
Manage Fundraising

Campus Dynamix thus offers to ease the processes

Managing Administrative Tasks
From Admission to Academics, Evaluation to Placement and Alumni Management, a plethora of tasks are automated and auditable. Eliminate paper through digitizing all interactions – uploading certificates/documents, sharing of class notes, Email/SMS blasts to issuance of a Digital Degree
Integrating Finances
Integration of all financial processes with Academics, online and offline Fee management, scholarships and discounts to enable prompt fees collection, refunds, early reminders and notifications
Audit and Reconciliation
Obtain quick real time reports of all academic and administrative processes from Fee payment to Result generation and reports for audit and regulatory filings

Why Campus Dynamix?

Expansive- Anytime anywhere education
Build As You Grow- Built on variable Support Model
Robust Solution- Integration to automate, Reduces work duplication
Fitment with Business-Built with larger view of Global Best Practices
Stay Relevant-Updated regularly
Pre-define scholarships and discounts​
Operational Efficiency- Utilizes Resources fully, Saves Time

The Advantages



Automate the admission process, Eliminates paper work



Saves time and resources, Reduces Expense, Enhances Productivity



Provides hassle free and quick access to all information

Features to benefit Parents & Students

Student & parent portal

Online & offline payment option

Scholarship & instalment calculation

Reminder notification

Results & grade visibility

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