Khan Academies

A Global Philanthropic Organization adopted Campus Dynamix for its schools across the Globe in different time zones!

The Background

The Aga Khan Academies are a programme of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). The AKDN has been involved in education in the developing world for over a century. Its education programmes cover a wide spectrum of activities, from early childhood to post-secondary education, teacher training, literacy programmes, school improvement and educational policy reform.

AKA wanted to implement NAV 2016 ERP. The first phase of implementation was to streamline Core Finance and Student Finance operations and migrate from Tally to MS Dynamics NAV.

The Capabilities

The Campus Dynamix for University is one-stop solution for all student lifecycle management needs for a campus that looks forward to providing great campus experience to its students.

Our client was happy to replace its existing SLCM with Campus Dynamix SLCM that had numerous capabilities and was going to pay for itself over a period of time. In short, it had a high ROI and had all the capabilities that served their needs perfectly.

Our client found the following benefits:

admission managament
Better Financial Control and audit with improved financial data security and local compliances
Less manual intervention of users and redundant data entry
Better consolidated view of the financial data helped senior management to gauge overall financial health ​
Better decision making with improved data analysis and reporting

The Way Forward

The Global Academy is happy to have adopted Campus Dynamix which resolved the problems it was facing earlier. The system took very less time to integrate with all its existing software and was up for usage in no time across all campuses in different time zones.

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