Several educational brands have scaled new heights using Unikul’s innovative and powerful SLCM solution for school, university and online campus management.

Quick and fast return on investments (ROI), and savings on other resources have helped our customers improve the overall quality of education by significantly lowering the cost of operation and providing superior campus experience.

Here are a few names that we are proud to be associated with.

An Educational Trust with a legacy of nearly 100 years in India

Campus Dynamix seamlessly supports a huge campus run by the Trust that includes 6 boarding schools spread across multiple locations that are home to over 6000 students and 800 teaching and non-teaching staff. When the complete campus was closed due to the lockdown, Campus Dynamix helped the school management transition to virtual campus processes and systems resulting in seamless student experience and absolutely no loss in the quality of teaching and academic delivery. Today they are able to conduct both online and offline education, without a glitch, for all their students and take critical decisions using real time dashboards and reports such as student and faculty attendance and quick evaluations.

One of the largest Global Foundation and Philanthropic Organization

An awe-inspiring name in the philanthropic world, the development organization runs 200+ schools, international academies, Universities and Medical colleges in Europe, India, Asia Pacific, and Central Asia.

It adopted Campus Dynamix to support their development and education service operations in more than 20 countries. Campus Dynamix powers their complete campus management and student lifecycle services across international academies running in several countries empowering them with both centralized and decentralized decision making, control and adherence to local compliance and regulations

A Global Brand Name in Higher Education based in Academic City, Dubai

UNIKUL successfully  replaced its existing student lifecycle management system (SAP) with Campus Dynamix for its sheer usability, ease of adoption, and flexibility to manage multiple regulations. Today the University runs all its admission, student finance, examinations and evaluation process using the Campus Dynamix SLCM system.

A Historically Significant Educational Group in Hyderabad whose alumni are leading world class companies to new frontiers.

A leader in the school education space in Hyderabad has implemented Campus Dynamix across several locations, and is already reaping the benefits of integration ,world class features and best practices