UNIKUL Solutions Private Limited offers speciality solutions for managing student lifecycle from enrolment to examinations and evaluations. We provide vertically integrated software to support  Educational Institutions, Foundations and Trusts that creates and manages meaningful real-time information for decision-making and delivers disproportionate value across the entire user lifecycle.

Campus Dynamix, is the world’s best and most reliable SLCM solution that impacts students positively. Adapted using the powerful capabilities of Microsoft D365 it not only brings best in class features but also its mobile and web-based experience further enhances its usability by making it agile and easily accessible from anywhere, and on devices such as smartphone and tablets

Offered in both SaaS and On-Premise model, our solutions are  compact, ready-to-launch, and need minimal technical inputs, thus, making them a perfect solution for both physical and online educational environments.

Our Technology Pillars are:-

  • Microsoft Dynamics D365

  • Cloud Technology (Azure, AWS) 

  • Mobile

  • Web Technologies & Workflow on

  • Analytics using Microsoft Power BI and Jet Reporting