Campus Dynamix helps educational institutions leverage technology to become more dynamic in every sense. Our end-to-end solutions allow you to handle every aspect of campus management dynamically and in the process, improve overall efficiency, productivity, and resource utilization.
Campus Dynamix brings together the best of technologies – Microsoft Dynamix – and industry best practices to offer you a comprehensive school management solution that is secure, easy to use, and cost effective.



It's More than just an ERP

Campus Dynamix goes beyond a simple, stand-alone ERP solution. Our solution is in fact a unique combination of business intelligence, automation, collaboration, and communication tools developed to specifically suit the needs of educational institutions. The result is a solution that empowers you to make decisions faster, improve cash flow, and ultimately drive the growth of your institution.

Helps Your People Work Better, Faster, and Smarter
Campus Dynamix is tailored to ease the user’s job functions. Our user experience is designed to put the tasks you perform most frequently and the resources you need most importantly right at your fingertips.

Familiarity with Microsoft tools ensures that you need little training to start using the solution and allows you to work better, faster, and smarter right from the start.

Looks Forward, Not Backward
Campus Dynamix helps you look ahead. While our embedded business intelligence tools help you proactively anticipate and prevent problems, our predictive analysis tools allow you to get ahead of competition.

Works the Way You Do
Campus Dynamix supports your core educational needs with comprehensive built-in capabilities that can be easily customized to suit your way of working.

Manages Multi-Country Localization / Multi-Location / Multi-Language Scenarios
Campus Dynamix is built for today’s complex business scenarios. Our system is built to suit multi-country, multi-location, and multi-language scenarios, making it the ideal choice of institutes that are growing at a rapid pace.

Transforms the Way You Work and Connect
Transform the way your people work by giving them a solution that works the way they want to use it – over the web, through a portal, or using a traditional desktop computer. With Campus Dynamix, you can work onsite or remotely and communicate through familiar channels such as voice, instant messaging, and email.

Propels Your Institution Forward
With a solution from Microsoft, your people will be assured of innovative and flexible tools that propel your institution forward and keep you ahead of the competition.

An Authorized Partner

We are an authorised MICROSOFT partner and our solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics platform. Microsoft Dynamics is the most chosen and proven technology for integrated and robust software solution. It automates and manage administrative or management processes of an educational institution.


"Our project implementation and transition was quite smooth. Campus Dynamix responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out." 

"It's been a real pleasure working with Campus Dynamix. They have lifted a weight off our shoulders and we really appreciate all the help and support they have given to us."

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