Question Paper Generation

Question Bank is a unique module of Campus Dynamix that does away with the pain associated with planning for daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual tests and exams. This module is designed to maintain the Subject » Units » Chapters » Questions hierarchy. 


  • Question Bank Creation
  • Approval and Notification
  • Examination / Subject / Language / Syllabus mapping
  • Department / Subject / User Integration
  • Question Paper History
  • Reports and Dashboard
  • Printing of Question Paper


  • Develop question papers based on various patterns, subjects, languages, and levels of difficulty
  • Include images, mathematical and chemistry formulae, and multiple choice questions
  • Export papers to MS Word or MS Excel
  • Make many sets of papers from a single database
  • Password protection for question papers before printing


  • Reduce time spent by teachers in developing multiple question papers each year
  • No duplication of questions is assured.

An Authorized Partner

We are an authorised MICROSOFT partner and our solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics platform. Microsoft Dynamics is the most chosen and proven technology for integrated and robust software solution. It automates and manage administrative or management processes of an educational institution.


"Our project implementation and transition was quite smooth. Campus Dynamix responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out." 

"It's been a real pleasure working with Campus Dynamix. They have lifted a weight off our shoulders and we really appreciate all the help and support they have given to us."

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