Fleet Management

Assigning and maintaining buses can be significantly simplified with the Fleet Management module of Campus Dynamix. Built to support various real-life scenarios, the module easily manages transfer of bus routes, interchanging of routes, creation of new routes, driver allocation, etc.


  • Internal Profile-Based Multi-User Security
  • Fleet Maintenance Management
  • Fuel Logging
  • Automatic Maintenance Reminders
  • Spare parts Inventory Tracking
  • Personnel Records of Fleet personnel
  • Personnel Driving History


  • Select vehicles and drivers based on safety ratings and institutional policies respectively
  • Monitor maintenance records, repairs, and vehicle performance
  • Track estimated and actual residual values for vehicles
  • Maintain online fuel log books to ensure that there is no over-invoicing by drivers
  • Generate reports such as individual bus collection, bus list, bus defaulters, etc.
  • Send SMS to students and parents about change of route, bus delays, changed timings, etc.


  • Save time and reduce manual paper work
  • Make selection and maintenance of vehicles easier
  • Monitor vehicle movement to ensure complete safety of students
  • Minimize the environmental impact of your fleet by ensuring regular servicing and maintenance
  • Leverage a wide range of reports to optimize fleet planning and management.

An Authorized Partner

We are an authorised MICROSOFT partner and our solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics platform. Microsoft Dynamics is the most chosen and proven technology for integrated and robust software solution. It automates and manage administrative or management processes of an educational institution.


"Our project implementation and transition was quite smooth. Campus Dynamix responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out." 

"It's been a real pleasure working with Campus Dynamix. They have lifted a weight off our shoulders and we really appreciate all the help and support they have given to us."

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