1. What is an ERP?
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software suite that allows an organization to automate its processes and integrate all departmental functions. ERP software integrates the processes of various departments such as academics, admissions, administrative operations, finance and accounting, human resources and payroll.

2. What are the benefits of using an ERP?

  • The following are just some of the many benefits of using an ERP:
  • Increased integration / communication among departments
  • Better cash flow management with improved service and product quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced management and administrative overhead cost.

3. Why do I need to automate my institution when it is running perfectly without it?
In today’s competitive world, you need an ERP solution such as Campus Dynamix to reduce cost of operations and stay ahead of competition. Campus Dynamix offers the functionality, technology platform, industry knowledge, and implementation expertise to help you realize the full potential of an ERP solution. In fact Campus Dynamix goes beyond stand-alone ERPs by bringing together business intelligence, automation, collaboration, and communication tools that are developed to specifically suit the needs of educational institutions.  

4. Can you customize various modules?
Campus Dynamix can be fully customized and tailored to specific needs of institutions (CBSE, ICSE, State Board, AICT, and International Board). Our solution can also cater to institutions providing professional degrees and higher education.

5. Is it possible to get information from Campus Dynamix on mobile phones?
The in-built SMS notification module can be used to notify parents, students, or teachers about various activities, notices and alerts. Also, our Student Management System has the facility for students’ attendance and marks information to be sent to parents through SMS.

6. What technology is Campus Dynamix based on?
Campus Dyamix is developed using Microsoft Dynamics – the industry leading ERP solution from Microsoft - and uses ASP .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows operating system.

7. How do you license your software?
We offer our product under one-time payment, cloud-based, or BOT models. Please visit the Pricing page for more information.

8. Our institute has multiple campuses. Do I need to install the ERP in all my campuses?
Yes. Campus Dynamix can, however, operate in a client-server model and can be maintained and managed in one central location. The ERP will be seamlessly accessible to everyone across multiple campuses.

9. What if I require only a few modules instead of the entire package?
Since the modules are integrated and interlinked through a common database, you need to install the whole package to enjoy the benefits of the solution. Our recommended approach is to install the application completely while giving you the flexibility to use only those modules you wish to. This also gives you the flexibility to scale up over time.

10. Are there any hidden costs involved in Campus Dynamix implementations?
Not really. In fact, we take great care to reduce the cost of ERP installations. Institutions who have implemented ERP packages agree that there are certain costs are more commonly overlooked or underestimated. Here is how, we at Campus Dynamix, address the most common hidden costs that can be attributed to traditional ERP implementations:

  • Training - Employee training can be very costly and time consuming. Campus Dynamix addresses this concern by including the training cost into our project cost. Our Business Process Study methodology ensures that we gauge the licenses and training requirements upfront and factor them into our project cost. Therefore, training is not a hidden cost with Campus Dynamix.
  •  Integration and testing - Integration and testing of the ERP with other third party applications is always a challenge – a costly one at that. We custom-build connectors that are specially designed as per your needs to ensure that our ERP connects seamlessly with other third party applications in your infrastructure quickly and cost effectively.
  • Customization - Customization is almost always required while using out-of-the-box ERP solutions. The cost and effort of customization, however, is often under estimated. With Campus Dynamix, the customization process is handled efficiently. Our highly experienced technical staff is adept at anticipating and planning your customization requirements right in the beginning. This allows us to deliver even complex customization cost effectively.
  • Data conversion – The financial implications of moving corporate information such as customer and supplier records, product design data, and the like, from your old systems to new the ERP database are often not understood in the beginning. At Campus Dynamix, we make it a point to factor in this cost based on the volume of information being migrated. Our charges for such data conversions are highly competitive, perhaps the lowest in the industry.
  •  Implementation – ERP implementation often becomes a never-ending process mostly due to lack of planning. Customers often get overcharged for this extra time consumed – so they effectively pay for the inefficiency of the implementation team! Campus Dynamix ensures on-time implementation and avoids billing you unnecessarily. We also use a built-in tool that enables real-time customizations to reduce overall time of implementation.

11. What if I face any difficulty in using Campus Dynamix after implementation?
We provide onsite and / or remote support for the life of our application. We also provide dedicated support from our 24*7 support center.

12. How can I contact you?
Please provide your details in the "contact us" form. You will hear from one of our representatives shortly.




An Authorized Partner

We are an authorised MICROSOFT partner and our solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics platform. Microsoft Dynamics is the most chosen and proven technology for integrated and robust software solution. It automates and manage administrative or management processes of an educational institution.


"Our project implementation and transition was quite smooth. Campus Dynamix responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out." 

"It's been a real pleasure working with Campus Dynamix. They have lifted a weight off our shoulders and we really appreciate all the help and support they have given to us."

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