Apart from taking classes, your faculty is forced to complete non-academic activities such as attendance, classroom reports, assignments, exam schedules, timetables, progress reports, etc. These time-consuming tasks drain them of their energy and keep them from giving their 100% to students. Campus Dynamix offers an Academics module which acts as an automated and centralized aid for educators to carry out these mundane tasks efficiently, thereby freeing up more time to concentrate on teaching and student development.  


  • Student Attendance Management
  • Homework Management
  • Class-wise and Teacher-wise Time Table Generation 
  • Program Management and Specialization
  • Section Management
  • Term Management
  • Topic Management
  • Project/Assignment Creation and Allocation
  • Exam Scheduling and Management
  • Student Marks and Results Management


  • Automate in-class activities such as attendance, assignment submission, and homework management
  • Allow staff members to access information about their key responsibilities using their own personalized login
  • Add and allocate grades, sections, semesters, etc., to students
  • Auto-generate time tables
  • Manage curriculum delivery at the section and topic level in each term 
  • Give students a login for downloading and submitting homework, assignments, and project work
  • Automatically send SMS to parents of absentee students 
  • Create groups of students based on their class, semester, division, batch, campus, program, etc.
  • Create and allocate projects and assignments to different groups of students
  • Manage exam methodologies and schedules
  • Post and share student marks and results
  • Allow students and parents to view exam schedules and results through the school website


  • Reduce the time and effort involved in aggregating information about various students and their performance
  • Reduce time spent by teachers on non-academic activities.

An Authorized Partner

We are an authorised MICROSOFT partner and our solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics platform. Microsoft Dynamics is the most chosen and proven technology for integrated and robust software solution. It automates and manage administrative or management processes of an educational institution.


"Our project implementation and transition was quite smooth. Campus Dynamix responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out." 

"It's been a real pleasure working with Campus Dynamix. They have lifted a weight off our shoulders and we really appreciate all the help and support they have given to us."

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